Choose your own combination of noodles or rice, fillings and sauce:

Choose from
Egg Noodles Egg Fried Rice
Flat Rice Noodles Chilli Fried Rice
Rice Vermicelli Boiled Rice
Udon Noodles
£5 per dish.
Includes Beansprouts, Carrots, Spring Onions, Broccoli
Meat Seafood Extras
Chicken Prawns Tomatoes
Beef Shrimp Pineapple
Pork Squid Mixed Peppers
Mixed Mussels Mushrooms
Mixed Broccoli
+ £1.50 each + £1.70 each + 70p each
Oyster Sauce Sweet & Sour Sauce
Black Bean Sauce Sweet Chilli Sauce
Teriyaki Sauce Hot Chilli Sauce
Soy Sauce Pad Thai Sauce
Singapore Curry Sauce Nasi Goreng Sauce