Sweet and Sour Chicken咕唠鸡
Crispy Chilli Beef辣牛
Chicken in Black Bean Sauce豉汁鸡
Chinese Chicken Curry咖喱鸡
Mussels in Black Bean Sauce豉汁青口
Ribs in Ling’s Sauce糖醋排骨
Sichuan Pork (hot)四川肉
Marinated Pork卤肉
Kung Po Chicken (hot)宫保鸡丁
Ma Po Tofu (hot)麻婆豆腐
Tofu in Black Bean Sauce豉汁豆腐
Garlic Aubergine蒜蓉茄子
Fried Noodles炒面
Fried Chinese Buns炸馒头
Garlic Green Beans蒜蓉豆角
Mushrooms and Peppers杂椒毛菇
Egg with Spring Onion炒蛋
Peking Duck with Pancakes (dinner only)烧鸭
Battered Chicken脆皮鸡波
Vegetable Spring Rolls春卷
Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup粟米鸡汤
Hot & Sour Soup (hot)酸辣汤
Egg Fried Rice炒饭
Chilli Rice老干妈炒饭
Boiled Rice (on request)白饭